Paving can be used in the backyard or anywhere in the house in general. In addition to being practical, it is a good design feature and can really help highlight the area of the house. It is important to note, that there are many more options than just square or rectangular paving blocks in any given area. The use of paving as modern flooring – whether simple or complex – can create and define the area and show the personality of each owner.
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Today, Natural stone paving is the first and most sustainable choice for everyone because they are an affordable option that will suit all positions in the landscape; either driveway or backyard and will leave a lasting impression long after installation.

They are not manufactured imitations, as every stone is unique and no man made product can replicate it because the main feature is that the colours and texture of it is compliment all other materials in the surrounds. it can be cut, shaped and grinded into almost any shape and size you like as it is not restricted by a concrete mould.

There are many stone supplier provide quality stones most of them have their online galleries that facilitate you to choose and order the products while sitting at your home. Pioneer Paving is a natural stone supplier has a mobile showroom that come to your home, supply and installing at your convenient time.

Nowadays, natural stone products have becomes more affordable due to a more competitive global market and are available in extensive ranges, colours and textures!