Challenge: Indian Air Force has over 25,000 retired and shortly-retiring Officers as well as PBOR, with an experience of minimum 15 years, in various fields with good academic qualifications like M Tech, B Tech, MBA, MCA etc. As part of it’s post-retirement rehabilitation IAF supports these retired and shortly-retiring employees to get suitable corporate jobs. IAF has a Placement Cell handling this need but considering the number of people involved, the process couldn’t have done without being IT-enabled. lowes employee login

Solution: Enhance designed and developed an Internet portal, called IAFPC.CO.IN, that can be simply defined as ‘job matrimonial’.

Considering the sensitivity of information being shared by the employee to a prospective employer and to control the kind of employers that are able to avail of the services of this portal, an elaborate set of checks-and-balances were created.

After a grand launch of the service over 2 years back, the portal has received an overwhelming response from IAF employees and corporate. The user-friendliness of the application, coupled with the irrefutable quality of people that IAF has to offer to the industry, this portal has been a milestone in the placement services of IAF.

Just to share some statistics, today IAFPC.CO.IN has:

– EUR about 15,000 registered employees
– EUR over 1500 registered employers
– EUR average open vacancies about 250 per day
– EUR over 6000 average monthly hit on the site