Are you going to tag your best buddies to the best nightclubs in San Antonio Texas this weekend? Well, don’t come to invite them empty-handed. Looking for the best places can be a daunting task to do. In that case, you will want to head to the best recommendations to make sure everyone on board this weekend. We will help you with that. Check these nightclubs that are worth to check.

Graham Central Station

It has six different rooms that feature six different types of entertainment and music. The good thing here is that you will have the liberty to enjoy any entertainment or amusement that you like. If you enter a specific room and you are not up to the music genre, you could just go on to the next room.

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey is arguably the most familiar club for everyone. Brass Monkey is literally for anyone. Whether you are a biker, hipster, youngster, clubber, or any other goers, you will not get wrong when visiting Brass Monkey. This place has all kinds of action and surprise birthdays with San Antonio party characters dressed up as a Harley girl, Batman, the Hulk, a Spartan show and so much more. It has the stunning patio section with a bar and main room. It is complete with bar and dance floor. You and your buddies are able to dance and enjoy a great time. The disco balls and the 80’s music will bring you back to the pure joy and entertainment in town.

Azuca Nuevo Latino Restaurant & Bar

It is not just an ordinary drink haven for partygoers, but also a valuable experience. You will want to taste something that you never had before like caipirinhas or happy-hour mojitos. It is just located south of downton in San Antonio’s arts district. You can expect the great things there. The vibrant community of the club always makes it never silent. The outdoor patio is also the focal point of the club. Don’t forget about the food. The exotic dishes from South and Central America with Chef Rene’s cool style. You will have such great Friday and Saturday.

Blue Bonnet Palace

This place has the long and interesting history. It was once the place to host the spectacular shows from Clay Walker and Garth Brooks. Although it has been closed, it still consists of the relics of the past. It hosts tons of concerts and lives band music. The genres are different so that you will do such “surprise me” things when visiting the place. You could actually check its official site to see what’s going to perform there.